¶ Scene #0005 – Exploring Events on Enope

025-1106 to 028-1106: Martja and the crew of the Kalitá arrive at Enope and deal with selling their cargo, getting some relaxation, and then loading new goods and finding new passengers for an onward journey.

Logged by Martja Challerson on 

Update Chaos Factor: chaos factor rises (from 5 to 6) as previous scene was out of player's control

Testing the Expected Scene: roll of 1d10: 8 versus the current Chaos Factor of 6

Scene progresses as expected

On board the Kalitá, in parking orbit around Enope Highport. Martja and the crew of the Kalitá need to make themselves a profit on their cargo. Attention will then turn to relaxation and preparing the ship for another voyage, confirming their destination of Moughas and stocking up with cargo, freight and passengers.

Chaos Factor: 6

Threads List

1-31-3Martja must offload the cargo successfully
1-34-6Martja should try to make a profit on the cargo
4-61-3Martja must decide on the next destination
4-64-6Martja should be able to find more cargo, more freight and more passengers

Characters List

11-3Otto Flowers (Crew)
14-6Annie Wilson (Crew)
21-3James Bourgelat (Crew)
24-6The Kalitá (Ship)
31-3The Cargo (Object)
34-6Enope Highport (Location)
41-3Enope Downport (Location)
44-6Mining Habitat (Location)
51-3Caverns of Enope (Location)
54-6Garryvoe (Ship)
61-3Garryvoe Crew (Crew)
64-6Pirates (Organisation)

Enope Highport

Enope (Spinward Marches/Regina/2205)

On board the Kalitá, in parking orbit around Enope Highport. (025-1106)

As we boarded the shuttle Otto kept a close eye on both Tyson and Catharinus, ready to step in if they sat anywhere close to one another. The skiff slowly moved away from the Kalitá with some grace and started a soft acceleration away. It was a good forty minutes, however, before we reached the starport itself, after picking up more passengers and crews from a plethora of other ships along the way.

Getting through security was more straightforward and it wasn't long before we were walking along the station's main concourse. The place was very busy, with stores and places to eat scattered up and down the side of the walkways, each tempting you in. After a brief walk up and then down the main thoroughfare we all agreed on an Astroburger and settled in at a table in the store.

Enope Highport Concourse.
Enope Highport Concourse. (Generated Image)

James seemed to think that the meat was real, though how he could tell I was not so sure. Vat-grown more likely I thought. However, it was fantastic to be eating food that other people had prepared and that Annie didn't have to slave over or clean up afterwards. Whilst we were at the table talk turned to our next destination, and I put forward Moughas as a potential. With a higher local technology level I hoped to get a good computer and Astrogation program there, as well as find profitable cargo to take from Enope itself. The others agreed, especially when they realised Moughas was a water world, something that none of them, except James, had seen before.

With lunch over we paid and then headed out to start our business. Annie to start the search for passengers as usual, she already had Soon Ho Scarpa, one of our previous travellers in mind; Otto to look for spare parts for the power plant and circuitry; and myself and James to head out to find a buyer for our cargo.

Find Speculative Cargo Broker: Broker (SOC, Average 8+); 1D Days minus effect

Martja's Broker Skill is +1; Using SOC of 6 (+0)

Skill roll of 2d6+1+0: 8 [6,1] results in an effect of +0 (Marginal Success, chain +1)

Duration is 1d6: 3 [3] resulting in 3 day(s)

Martja is successful in finding a speculative cargo buyer, taking 3 days to do so.

The simple act of trying to find a buyer seemed more elusive that it should be. The starport was busy and most of the deals were being done by locals. I managed to find a few leads for those that might be interested in the textiles and the compounds, but making an appointment to work the deals would take a few days, with the hope that they would also have cargo to sell rather than having to spend more time to find another supplier.

Gather Local Rumours: Streetwise (SOC, Average 8+); 1D Hours

James's Carouse Skill is +0; Using SOC of 6 (+0)

Skill roll of 2d6+0+0: 10 [6,4] results in an effect of +2 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6: 3 [3] resulting in 3 hour(s)

James is successful in finding local rumours, taking 3 hours to do so

Rumour roll on matrix of 1d66: 53 [5,3] results in W; (general) reference to library data

Visas are unobtainable to Knorbes (0207).[1]

Whilst I tried to find a supplier, James kept the conversations going on the side to see what he could learn about the goings on in the highport and what was happening on Enope. The whole search to even find brokers that were available took a good few hours and by the time James and I had finished it was nearly time for us to meet up again with Otto and Annie. James had found little out about Enope itself, much of the talk he said seemed to be about restriction of movement to Amber Zone systems with the latest being Knorbes being harder and harder to get a visa to enter the system. Fortunately, Knorbes wasn't on our current route, or at least not at the moment.

Fate Question: Does Soon Ho Scarpa want to continue onwards with the Kalitá?

Odds: Unlikely (trouble on last trip), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 50 [5,0] results in a Yes

Soon Ho Scarpa does not want to travel onwards with the Kalitá

We caught up with Annie and Otto at one of the starport's bars and had a quick drink. Annie had tried to tempt Soon Ho Scarpa into continuing his journey with us, but he had turned us down. The incident with Tyson and Catharinus had put him off another journey and Annie was worried that any rumours might get out about the disturbance on the Kalitá, even thought it wasn't our fault.

Otto had been more fortunate, and managed to acquire a couple of spare power couplings from the shipyard and had found a price for spare parts that would service the Kalitá, even though she was an old thing. The problem was that the parts were expensive, at about Cr100,000 per dton. And by Otto's estimation we would need at least 3 dtons to resolve the issues with the sensors, the problems in the cargo bay, and to repair the M-drives back to their full potential. There was also hull damage as well that would need parts, and then there was the time that we would have to have the Kalitá in a dry dock to make the repairs. We may have to prioritise and do these repairs piecemeal to begin with.

Starport Encounter: (Starport C)

Encounter roll of d66: 31 [3,1] results in that a ship has limped into port this week with damage and crew casualties.[2]

The ship is the Garryvoe[3], a Subsidised Merchant (Type-R), with a crew of Pilot Trisha Goddard, Engineer Della Davis, Navigator/Engineer Ozzie Reeth, Steward Bren Spader, and Steward Jules Sinir. Onboard were 2 high passengers, 4 middle passengers, and 5 low berth passengers.

As we started to head back to the security checkpoint and the shuttle Otto noticed some action over by the fixed landing pads just outside the starport. A large subsidised liner, with obvious damage, was being slowly moved into position by a tug. The ship had a pale green hull with a semi-random pattern of white shapes across it and large holo panels, now flickering on and off, some damaged forever, that we could just make out had been advertising for the Six Suns Productions and intersystem entertainment producers. From here we could just make out the name, "Garryvoe".

Fate Question: Is James needed as a medic for the crew of the damaged ship?

Odds: Very Unlikely (starport medics available), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 35 (7/88)

Fate roll of 1d100: 75 [7,5] results in a No

Fate Question: Is the ship damaged due to combat?

Odds: Unlikely (there are plenty of ships in system and plenty of SDBs), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 46 [4,6] results in a Yes

Fate Question: Was the combat in the Enope system?

Odds: Likely (they would come direct to the starport), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 75 (15/96)

Fate roll of 1d100: 24 [2,4] results in a Yes

Fate Question: Was this pirate activity?

Odds: Likely (not a naval manoeuvre), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 75 (15/96)

Fate roll of 1d100: 47 [4,7] results in a Yes

Fate Question: Did the system defence boats get the pirates?

Odds: Unlikely (would have jumped out), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 19 [1,9] results in a Yes

Fate Question: Are the authorities worried there are more?

Odds: Very Unlikely (Enope usually a safe system), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 35 (7/88)

Fate roll of 1d100: 9 [0,9] results in a Yes

Adding to Character List: Garryvoe

Adding to Character List: Garryvoe Crew

Adding to Character List: Pirates

James quickly dashed off to one of the security team near the checkpoint and asked them whether the starport staff needed any medical assistance for the crew of the ship. There was a brief pause whilst the security guard made a radio call, but his response was that the starport authority had the situation under control. The guard declined to comment further on the situation.

We took the shuttle back to the Kalitá without incident. Back in my cabin I tuned into the local news station and found that the ship had been attacked by pirates. A system defence boat had managed to intervene, saved the Garryvoe and dealt with the pirates. There didn't seem to be any indication of how the pirates had been dealt with or whether this was an isolated incident, so we will have to be extra careful when we leave Enope.

#0001 — 025-1106 @ 1200 to 025-1106 @ 2300 IST Ω


Enope (Spinward Marches/Regina/2205)

On board the Kalitá, in parking orbit around Enope Highport. (026-1106)

In the morning we headed back to the starport via a short wait for a shuttle. We found a smaller booth at a slightly quieter part of the concourse and grabbed some breakfast. We still had another day to wait until the broker I had arranged to see was free so the main plan was for Annie to look for some passengers whilst the rest of us tried to find interesting things to do without spending any money.

In the booth we could see one of the many monitors that was beaming out the local news and celebrity interests. As the news turned to the story about the pirates we listened in attentively.

Fate Question: Has there been any further news on the pirates?

Odds: Likely (newsfeeds love to 'make' the news), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 75 (15/96)

Fate roll of 1d100: 54 [5,4] results in a Yes

Fate Question: Were the pirates taken captive?

Odds: Fifty/Fifty (they would have tried to escape), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 65 (13/94)

Fate roll of 1d100: 25 [2,5] results in a Yes

Fate Question: Have they been brought back to Enope?

Odds: Likely (would have security facilities on starport), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 75 (15/96)

Fate roll of 1d100: 7 [0,7] results in a Exceptional Yes

Fate Question: Have they made any confessions to the security services that have been revealed?

Odds: Very Unlikely (wouldn't leak details out), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 35 (7/88)

Fate roll of 1d100: 24 [2,4] results in a Yes

Fate Question: Are there more pirates in the Enope system?

Odds: Unlikely (usually a safe system), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 2 [0,2] results in a Exceptional Yes

Fate Question: Is there a pirate base in the Enope system?

Odds: Unlikely (from the exceptional yes), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 29 [2,9] results in a Yes

Fate Question: Do the authorities now know where this base is?

Odds: Very Unlikely (they wouldn't confess that), Chaos Factor: 6, Chance: 35 (7/88)

Fate roll of 1d100: 65 [6,5] results in a No

We were surprised at the news of a pirate base in the system. Otto mentioned that he thought there were a couple of military bases somewhere in the outer planets, so how a pirate base had managed to set itself up was hard to believe. There would, however, at least by an increased military and local security presence for the next few days so that when we finally did leave we could hopefully do so without incident.

Starport Encounter: (Starport C)

Encounter roll of d66: 14 [1,4] results in  a customs check: roll 5+ for the cargo to clear customs. If not, there may be a 1 week delay or a duty to pay (1%). Is there a way around it? An Admin roll, on 10+ will find a loophole.[2]

Customs check roll of 1d6: 3 [3] results in a 1% duty to pay

As we sat discussing the pirates, however, we were interrupted by a pair of customs officials that came over to us and enquired if we were the owners of the Kalitá. After confirmation they started to discuss our cargo and the import duty that should be applied. I was about to start arguing that no duty applied for our cargo as we hadn't even begun to offload it, before James stepped in quickly to talk to the pair.

Find a loophole in the customs duty: Admin (EDU, Difficult 10+); 1Dx10 Minutes

James's Admin Skill is +0; Using EDU of 9 (+1)

Skill roll of 2d6+0+1: 13 [6,6] results in an effect of +3 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6x10: 10 [1] resulting in 10 minute(s)

James is successful in avoiding the customs duty charge, taking 10 minutes to do so

James explained how we were waiting on our appointment with the broker tomorrow and that all of the required duties and taxes would be paid for as part of the exchange. Even inviting the officials to accompany us to the meet if they so desired. Reluctantly, they backed down and sidled off down the concourse, likely to try to bother and swindle some other honest trader.

With our trade in mind I headed off to try to find a jump tape to Moughas, my mind made up on our next destination. They weren't that hard to find, although expensive. I had very little of my own money left, some Cr725 or so, but it didn't stop me a least looking in some of the shops, even if there was nothing really I could afford. Things would be different at the end of the month when we were paid.

Determine Passengers Available for transport between Enope and Moughas

(Generated via Script based on Annie's Steward Skill of +2 with seed "enope-to-moughas-027-1106-001")

11 high passengers available at Cr14,000

6 middle passengers available at Cr10,000

8 basic passengers available at Cr3,000

6 low berth passengers available at Cr1,300

Annie invites 6 high passengers to take staterooms and allocates 6 tons of hold space for their cargo for a total transport price of Cr84,000.

James will accommodate 4 low berth passengers for a total transport price of Cr5,200.

Kalitá's hold has 9 tons spare capacity.

Passenger Roster

Veltishko Dubois

high Passage

Merchant, Male Human, Age 31, 3466AB

Protective | is incredibly helpful, whether you want them to be or not


Art-0, Broker-0, Drive-0, Electronics-0, Language-0, Language (Zdetl)-1, Persuade-1, Profession-0, Steward-1, Vacc Suit-0

Furniture in crate, Binoculars, Small personal bag, Shoulder bag

Yuuichi Madigan

high Passage

Drifter, Male Human, Age 24, 84876B

Unfriendly, Disturbing, Conventional | Possesses telepathy or other unusual ability


Animals-0, Astrogation-0, Athletics-0, Gun Combat-0, Language-0, Mechanic-0, Pilot-0, Profession-0, Vacc Suit-0

Voder, Specimen containment cases, Goggles, Professional tools in hard case, Rucksack

Manana Monge

high Passage

Merchant (Senior Crewman), Female Human, Age 29, 649895

Stoic, Many-sided, Maternal | has a tendency to spill secrets, theirs and others', though they don't mean to


Animals-0, Athletics-0, Broker-0, Drive-0, Electronics-0, Mechanic-1, Medic-0, Persuade-0, Steward-0, Streetwise-1, Vacc Suit-0

Voder, Binoculars, Datapad, Tool kit, Shoulder bag

Antonie Christensen

high Passage

Navy (Lieutenant), Male Human, Age 51, A44955

Intelligent, Hurried, Contemptible | has an unhealthy obsession for tea, drinking an unacceptable amount every day


Admin-0, Animals-0, Athletics-0, Athletics (Strength)-2, Drive-0, Gunner-0, Gunner (Turret)-1, Leadership-1, Mechanic-0, Melee-0, Melee (Blade)-1, Profession-1, Recon-0, Survival-0

Voder, Military equipment, Battered luggage bags, Respirator, Professional tools in hard case, Small bag

Fatos Nagasawa

high Passage

Agent (Assistant Director), Female Human, Age 42, B6699A

Tidy | tries to give advice in the form of sayings from their home country - sometimes they fit, sometimes they don´t


Art-0, Athletics-0, Athletics (Dexterity)-1, Carouse-0, Deception-1, Drive-0, Flyer-0, Gun Combat-0, Gun Combat (Archaic)-1, Gun Combat (Energy)-1, Gun Combat (Slug)-1, Investigate-1, Language-0, Melee-0, Melee (Unarmed)-1, Recon-0, Streetwise-0

PRIS Binoculars, Hand computer, Scientific kit, Small bag

Güller Sengupta

high Passage

Noble (Counsellor), Female Human (Sword Worlds), Age 41, 657773

Uncaring, Creative | loves gossiping and any piece of juicy info, or just has a constant curiosity in the goings on of others


Admin-2, Advocate-1, Diplomat-0, Electronics-0, Electronics (Remote Ops)-1, Investigate-1, Melee-0, Melee (Natural)-1, Persuade-0, Profession-0

Pressure Tent, Specimen containment cases, Attache case, Goggles, Canteen

Radina Emanuel

low Passage

Merchant, Male Human, Age 31, 3466AB

Agonizing | Mistakes a PC for someone else


Art-0, Broker-0, Drive-0, Electronics-0, Language-0, Language (Zdetl)-1, Persuade-1, Profession-0, Steward-1, Vacc Suit-0


Hee seon Von bismarck

low Passage

Entertainer (Staff Writer), Female Human, Age 35, 688487

Liberal, Well-bred, Tidy | Wants to borrow money


Art-0, Art (Instrument)-1, Carouse-0, Deception-0, Drive-0, Drive (Mole)-1, Drive (Walker)-1, Electronics-0, Electronics (Comms)-1, Flyer-0, Investigate-1, Persuade-0, Science-0, Seafarer-0, Steward-0


Vello Stanciu

low Passage

Scholar, Male Human, Age 36, 557565

Passive, Educated, Haughty | Drunkard or drug addict


Admin-0, Athletics-0, Diplomat-0, Drive-0, Electronics-0, Electronics (Comms)-1, Electronics (Remote Ops)-1, Flyer-0, Investigate-1, Medic-1, Science-0

Small bag

Silvestre Swanson

low Passage

No career, Male Human, Age 19, 6C4B69

Mealymouthed, Unaggressive, Shy | assumes the worst out of any situation presented to them


Athletics-0, Carouse-0, Streetwise-0

Duffel bag

Annie met up with us later in the day with the good news that she had found a full complement of passengers for the journey who all wanted to leave by or before 030-1106. If the negotiations with the broker went well and they had goods to sell to us as well as the purchases they made then we would be all good to go. We made sure we made an order for the high passage provisioning for the trip, which would be delivered tomorrow.

#0002 — 026-1106 @ 1100 to 026-1106 @ 2200 IST Ω

Sell 'em high, buy 'em low

Enope (Spinward Marches/Regina/2205)

On board the Kalitá, in parking orbit around Enope Highport. (027-1106)

By the next day the newsfeeds had died down somewhat about the pirates and had gone onto more mundane items about the mining operations on the planet, the working conditions and the low pay. Despite the Caverns of Enope sounding a beautiful and rare sight to behold, it did appear that for the average worker on Enope, living and working within the sealed habitats on the surface for protection against the cold, was not that pleasant. However, there were billions of people that had made their home on the surface.

Starport Encounter: (Starport C)

Encounter roll of d66: 65 [6,5] results in nothing out of the ordinary occurring.

Most of the day passed peacefully, with a light lunch, before James and I headed for the brokerage to make our appointment.

Negotiate Price for Trade Goods: Common Raw Materials (Chemical Solutions or Compounds) @ Cr9000 list price

Martja's Broker Skill is +1

DM of +2 due to sale DM of goods

DM of +0 due to purchase DM of goods

DM of -2 due to buyer's broker skill

Negotiation roll of 3d6+1+2+0-2: 11 [4,3,3] results in a markup of 100% for a negotiated price of Cr9000 per dton

Martja sells 18 dtons at Cr9000 per dton for a total price of Cr162000

Negotiate Price for Trade Goods: Textiles (Synthetic Silks / Finished Common Clothing) @ Cr4000 list price

Martja's Broker Skill is +1

DM of +0 due to sale DM of goods

DM of +3 due to purchase DM of goods

DM of -2 due to buyer's broker skill

Negotiation roll of 3d6+1+0+3-2: 16 [6,6,2] results in a markup of 125% for a negotiated price of Cr5000 per dton

Martja sells 20 dtons at Cr5000 per dton for a total price of Cr100000

With a long discussion we finally agreed on prices for the chemical compounds and for the textiles. The broker was definitely won over by the fine quality of the cloth we had brought and the price was excellent for us. Once we had exchanged money I then enquired about the goods he had for sale.

Determining Trade Goods Available

from Enope (Spinward Marches/Regina/2205) with Trade Codes Hi Ic In Na Lt

with potential sale to Moughas (Spinward Marches/Regina/2406) with Trade Codes Ni Oc

for Martja Challerson with a Broker skill of +1.

Determining Trade Goods available from Enope (Spinward Marches/Regina/2205) to Moughas (Spinward Marches/Regina/2406). [Attempt 1]
Trade Good (Specific)TonsCost/TonPurchaseSale
Common Electronics (Banking Machines and Security Systems)24tCr12000+1+2
Common Electronics (Personal and Commercial Computers)26tCr10000+1+2
Common Industrial Goods (Engine Components)80tCr10000+5+3
Common Industrial Goods (Pneumatics and Hydraulics)12tCr11000+5+3
Common Industrial Goods (Piping and Attachment Pieces)45tCr9000+5+3
Common Manufactured Goods (Furniture / Storage Systems / Tools)35tCr11000+3+3
Common Manufactured Goods (Residential Appliances)35tCr10000+3+3
Common Raw Materials (Fabricated Plastics)20tCr7000-2+0
Common Raw Materials (Workable Alloys)40tCr5000-2+0
Common Consumables (Pre-Packaged Food and Drink)330tCr2000-1+0
Common Consumables (Food-grade Vegetation)60tCr1000-1+0
Common Consumables (Survival Rations and Storage-Packed Liquids)50tCr3000-1+0
Common Ore (Bornite or Galena or Sedimentary Stone)28tCr250-3+1
Common Ore (Bauxite, Coltan and Wolframite)12tCr1000-3+1
Advanced Electronics (Fibre-optic Components)5tCr50000+2+1
Advanced Electronics (VR Computer and Sensor Packages)5tCr100000+2+1
Advanced Machine Parts (Fusion Conduits / Power Plant Shells)15tCr75000+2+1
Advanced Manufactured Goods (Survival Equipment / Colonisation Kits)20tCr100000+0+0
Advanced Weapons ((TL7 or less) Slug Weapons)25tCr50000+0+0
Advanced Vehicles (Air/Raft Components or Packages)25tCr180000+0+0
Crystals and Gems (Silica / Focuser-Quality Gems)5tCr20000-2+0
Crystals and Gems (Graphite / Quartz)6tCr10000-2+0
Crystals and Gems (Photonics / Synthetic Gems)4tCr30000-2+0
Luxury Goods (Rare Clothing / Home Decorations)6tCr200000+1+0
Medical Supplies (General Medical Equipment or Supplies)5tCr50000-2+0
Petrochemicals (Gasoline / Machine Lubricants)30tCr10000-2+0
Pharmaceuticals (Antivenin / Prescription Medications)9tCr50000+0+0
Polymers (Poured Plastics / Synthetic Fibre Spools)10tCr7000+1+1
Precious Metals (Gold / Osmium / Iridium)1tCr75000-1-2
Precious Metals (Beryllium / Silver)3tCr25000-1-2
Precious Metals (Ruthenium / Rhenium)1tCr50000-1-2
Precious Metals (Platinum / Rhodium)1tCr100000-1-2
Robots (Scout and Sensor Drones)10tCr500000+1+0
Robots (Industrial or Personal Drones)12tCr300000+1+0
Robots (Combat or Guardian Drones)3tCr400000+1+0
Uncommon Ore (Nickel / Sodium / Tungsten)30tCr5000-3+1
Uncommon Ore (Lead / Zinc)10tCr1000-3+1
Vehicles (Wheeled Vehicles / Tracked Components or Packages)12tCr20000+1+2
Vehicles (Wheeled Components or Packages)40tCr15000+1+2
Vehicles (Tracked Vehicles)4tCr30000+1+2
Vehicles (Tracked Repair Components)4tCr10000+1+2
Pharmaceuticals (Anagathics)2tCr200000+0+0
Live Animals (Trained Riding Animals / Common Pets)20tCr10000+0+0
Radioactives (Medical Isotopes / Reactor-Grade Uranium)3tCr1000000-3-2
Radioactives (Industrial Isotopes)1tCr750000-3-2
Common Industrial Goods (Starship-Quality Components)3tCr12000+5+3

There were a few items that looked interesting to trade across to Moughas. However, the ones that appealed the most to me seemed to be the finished components and equipment. I believed I could get a good price, and even if the sale on Moughas would not net much of a big swing, there would be a healthy profit.

Negotiate Price for Trade Goods: Common Industrial Goods (Starship-Quality Components) @ Cr12000 list price

Martja's Broker Skill is +1

DM of +5 due to purchase DM of goods

DM of -3 due to sale DM of goods

DM of -2 due to seller's broker skill

Negotiation roll of 3d6+1+5-3-2: 12 [4,5,2] results in a markup of 80% for a negotiated price of Cr9600 per dton

Martja purchases 3 dtons at Cr9600 per dton for a total price of Cr28800

Martja has Cr367526 remaining. Kalitá's hold has 44 dtons spare capacity

Negotiate Price for Trade Goods: Common Industrial Goods (Pneumatics and Hydraulics) @ Cr11000 list price

Martja's Broker Skill is +1

DM of +5 due to purchase DM of goods

DM of -3 due to sale DM of goods

DM of -2 due to seller's broker skill

Negotiation roll of 3d6+1+5-3-2: 15 [5,4,5] results in a markup of 65% for a negotiated price of Cr7150 per dton

Martja purchases 12 dtons at Cr7150 per dton for a total price of Cr85800

Martja has Cr281726 remaining. Kalitá's hold has 32 dtons spare capacity

Negotiate Price for Trade Goods: Common Industrial Goods (Engine Components) @ Cr10000 list price

Martja's Broker Skill is +1

DM of +5 due to purchase DM of goods

DM of -3 due to sale DM of goods

DM of -2 due to seller's broker skill

Negotiation roll of 3d6+1+5-3-2: 12 [5,1,5] results in a markup of 85% for a negotiated price of Cr8500 per dton

Martja purchases 32 dtons at Cr8500 per dton for a total price of Cr272000

Martja has Cr9726 remaining. Kalitá's hold has 0 dtons spare capacity

With a full cargo bay and full passenger roster we were very happy and headed back to the ship to start preparations for the cargo to be taken and then new cargo delivered, as well as make ready for the passengers.

#0003 — 027-1106 @ 1100 to 027-1106 @ 2200 IST Ω

The Big Lie

Enope (Spinward Marches/Regina/2205)

Heading out to the Jumpspace point (028-1106)

The tugs came to take away our cargo during the night. Otto and I oversaw the handling from within the cargo bay, dressed in our vacc suits, and using the loading belt to move the huge crates. The tugs swiftly departed with the stock and the components we had ordered were not too far behind before they arrived. The process went in reverse and we soon had a cargo bay nearly full.

Passengers started to arrive from 0900 IST, with our scheduled departure date of 1100 IST and the final pieces of their luggage soon after to leave the cargo bay stuffed.

I moved up to the bridge and started the preparations to leave. I informed traffic control of our departure and paid the final Cr300 of our berthing fees. At 1100 IST we pulled slowly out of our parking orbit and headed off towards our jump point.

For prudence, I asked the passengers to remain in the staterooms for the journey to the jump point, within easy reach of their softsuits and had the crew don their vacc suits in readiness. Although the immediate pirate threat had been dealt with by the authorities I was still wary about the story of a pirate base.

Major Route Encounter: (Starport C)

DM of +1 due to Population is 8+

DM of -1 due to Starport is Class C

Route Encounter roll of 2d6+1-1: 6 [2,4] results in Special table

Special Table toll of 2d6: 6 [5,1] results in a Merchant Courier (100t)

Ship Reactions Table roll of 3d6: 10 [5,2,3] results in Ignore you, but polite

Ship is an Express Packet[4] called "The Big Lie".

Heading out to the jump point we came close to a small express packet, the transponder identified as "The Big Lie", and I paused in my astrogation calculations to hail and greet them, wary of their intentions. They responded, politely, but kept their course and gradually passed us by without incident. In the brief conversation I had with their pilot they stated that they had seen no pirate activity, so at least that was welcome relief.

Jump: Astrogation Plot: Astrogation (EDU, Easy 4+); 1Dx10 Minutes

Martja's Astrogation Skill is -3; Using EDU of 5 (-1)

Martja will take time to reduce the skill roll to Simple 2+ by taking 1D Hours

DM of -2 due to a 2-parsec jump

Skill roll of 2d6-3-1-2: 2 [6,2] results in an effect of +0 (Marginal Success, chain +1)

Duration is 1d6: 1 [1] resulting in 1 hour(s)

Martja is successful in plotting a jump to Enope, taking 1 hour to do so.

Jump Distance Variation: 2D plus Astrogator's Effect

Roll of 2d6+0: 8 [5,3] results in a distance variance of 100+3D diameters

Roll of 100+3D: 109 [1,3,5] results in a distance of 109 diameters

Coordinates are locked to 109 diameters from destination (1,690,481 km) which will take about 8 hours to travel at Thrust-1.

Whilst I continued the astrogation calculations James guided the low berth passengers through the cargo bay and to the port side of the Kalitá one by one and started the process of preparing the berths for the jump.

Intentionally I had set the Kalitá to arrive at the jump point late in the evening, so that we didn't have to have the Captain's Dinner after a long day. As we came to a stop, far out in the black, I gave the word to Otto to start preparing the drive.

Engage Jump Drives: Engineer (J-Drive) (EDU, Easy 4+); 1Dx10 Minutes

Otto's Engineer (J-Drive) Skill is +1; Using EDU of 10 (+1)

DM of +0 due to effect of Jump Astrogation Plot

Skill roll of 2d6+1+1+0: 9 [3,4] results in an effect of +5 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6x10: 30 [3] resulting in 30 minute(s)

Otto is successful in preparing the jump drives for the journey to Moughas, taking 30 minutes to do so.

Jump Time Variation: 2D plus Engineer's Effect

Roll of 2d6+5: 9 [2,2] results in a time variance of 160+2D hours

Roll of 160+2D: 167 [4,3] results in a time of 167 hours

Jump is expected to take 167 hours. The jump initiating at 028-1106 @ 20:00 IST will arrive at 035-1106 @ 19:00 IST.

After half an hour, Otto came back to me that everything was ready. With a quick alert to the passengers and crew, I dimmed the lights and the lanthanum grid flared up and we entered Jumpspace.

#0004 — 028-1106 @ 0400 to 028-1106 @ 2200 IST Ω

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