Empress Marava-class Far Trader

The Kalitá is a 200-ton trading vessel built by the General Products shipyards at Pixie (Spinward Marches/Regina/1903) in 1049. The hulk of the ship is based on the original architectural designs from Bilitig und Dottir and sports the distinctive 'bomber-nose' pods for the bridge and passenger staterooms. Despite her many years of service the Kalitá has been kept in reasonable shape and has lost none of her original charm.

With years servicing the Spinward Main, the Kalitá has capacity for 57 dtons of cargo and can protect herself from pirate activity through two double turrets that have been fitted in more recent years. The rear turret has two lasers; the forward turret has a pulse laser and a sandcaster. She has ten staterooms (one for the captain on the forward port-side; three for the crew; six for the passengers on the upper deck) and four low berths in the port access corridor.

The Kalitá has the following traits:
  • Her cargo bay is tainted by chemical spills and leaks. Vulnerable cargo may be damaged in transit.
  • Her maintenance costs are doubled.
  • All repair attempts are at -1.
  • Her hull is damaged (-10% hull, 72 points from 80)
  • Her thrusters were damaged (-1 to Pilot checks), but were repaired on 038-1106 by Otto
  • Her sensors were damaged (-1 to Sensor checks), but were repaired on 040-1106 by Otto
TonsCost (MCr)
Hull200 tons, standard, streamlined (80 hull points)12
ArmourArmour: 0
M-DriveThrust: 124
J-DriveJump: 21522.5
Power PlantFusion, Power 9066
Fuel Tanks1xJ-2, 4 weeks operation41
ComputerComputer 5/bis0.045
SensorsCivilian Grade13
Double Turret1 x Double Pulse Laser; 1 x Pulse Laser and Sandcaster21.5
SystemsLow Berth x 4; Fuel Processor (40 tons/day); Loading Belt; Cargo Airlock x 2110.903
StateroomsStandard x 10405
SoftwareJump Control/2, Library, Manoeuvre/00.2
Common AreasStandard x 1101
CargoCargo Bay57