The Kinorb Gambit

A Solo Traveller Role-Playing Campaign set in the Spinward Marches and beyond

Scene 0002
Scene #0002

The First Jumpspace

Martja and the crew of the Kalitá navigate their first Jumpspace, tending to the passengers and the ship alike and keeping an eye on their cargo. They ready themselves for the exit of Jumpspace and arrival at their destination of Beck's World .

Logged by Martja Challerson on 

#0002 (008-1106 to 015-1106) Ω

Scene 0001
Scene #0001

Kinorb to Beck's World

Martja acquires the Kalitá as she leaves the merchant broker on Kinorb . Gathering a crew to run the ship and purchasing cargo and freight she finally brings passengers on board and sets off to Beck's World to seek her fame and fortune.

Logged by Martja Challerson on 

#0001 (003-1106 to 009-1106) Ω


Take a peek at the travellers on their intrepid voyage, including the merchant Martja and the rest of her crew.

Worlds of Note

During the travels of Martja there are many and varied systems, planets, worlds and facilities that will be encountered.


A successful merchant line will have a number of ships. Martja may start off with only a single ship but perhaps her fleet will grow over time.

Tracking Martja Challerson. Where she is, aboard what ship, and how much of her riches has she made!


In Jumpspace
between Kinorb and Beck's World


12 Tons (Cr39,000)
39 Tons (Cr62,400)
6 High (Cr84,000 paid)


Empress Marava-class Far Trader