The Kinorb Gambit

A Solo Traveller Role-Playing Campaign set in the Spinward Marches and beyond

Scene 0009
Scene #0009

Jumpspace: Moughas to Wochiers

Martja and the crew of the Kalitá continue on their travels in Jumpspace, heading out from Moughas and on to Wochiers . With a full cargo bay and plenty of passengers they need to keep the Kalitá in good shape and everyone happy before preparing for their Jumpspace exit.

Logged by Martja Challerson on 

#0009 (043-1106 to 050-1106) Ω

Scene 0008
Scene #0008

Rest and Relaxation

Martja and the crew of the Kalitá have managed to fill up the cargo bay and have passengers ready to go. With Otto taking his time to make some much needed repairs to the ship, the rest of the crew can look forwards to some rest and relaxation and see what Moughas has to offer.

Logged by Martja Challerson on 

#0008 (038-1106 to 042-1106) Ω

Scene 0007
Scene #0007

Maintenance, Mortgage and Medical on Moughas

Martja and the crew of the Kalitá head down through the atmosphere to the world of Moughas . Once there they will then attempt to offload their full cargo bay and make sure their passengers arrive safely, before they settle their mortgage accounts and take on the process of ship maintenance.

Logged by Martja Challerson on 

#0007 (038-1106 to 045-1106) Ω


Take a peek at the travellers on their intrepid voyage, including the merchant Martja and the rest of her crew.

Worlds of Note

During the travels of Martja there are many and varied systems, planets, worlds and facilities that will be encountered.


A successful merchant line will have a number of ships. Martja may start off with only a single ship but perhaps her fleet will grow over time.

Tracking Martja Challerson. Where she is, aboard what ship, and how much of her riches has she made!


at the downport of Moughas (Spinward Marches/Regina/2406)
Jump-3 map around Moughas


30 Tons (Cr301,000)
23 Tons (Cr36,800)
4 High (Cr56,000 paid)
2 Middle (Cr20,000 paid)
4 Low Berth (Cr5,200 paid)
Personal Accounts

Martja: Cr110

Annie: Cr4,415

James: Cr5,715

Otto: Cr9,315

  • 20 dtons x Crystals and Gems (Silica / Focuser-Quality Gems)
  • 10 dtons x Polymers (Kevlar / Teflon)
  • 7 dtons x Water (Artificial gills)
  • 12 dtons x Resources (Ore, non-ferrous metal)
  • 1 dtons x Resources (Refined ferrous metals)
  • 1 dtons x Water (Live Seafood)
  • 1 dtons x Processed (Protective Gear)
  • 1 dtons x Resources (Ore, ferrous metal)


Empress Marava-class Far Trader
Ship's Locker
  • 4 x Vacc Suit, Basic (TL 8)
  • 4 x Breather Mask, Basic (TL 5)
  • 10 x Emergency Soft Suit (TL 10) (one per stateroom)
  • 4 x Cutlass (TL 2)
  • 4 x Snub Pistol (TL 8)
    • 8 x Ammunition Magazine
  • 1 x Starship Engineer Tool Set (TL 12) (in engineering)
  • 1 x Electronic Tool Set (TL 7) (in engineering)
  • 1 x Mechanical Tool Set (TL 3) (in engineering)
  • 4 x Bulkhead Patches (TL 10) (in engineering)
  • 1 x Portable Airlock (TL 8)
  • 10 x Survival Kit (TL 10)
  • 1 x Medical Kit, Basic (TL 8) (in medbay)
  • 5 x First Aid Kit, Improved (TL 5) (bridge, engineering, passenger lounge, cargo hold, air/raft)