Martja Challerson

30 years old, Female Human, 546656
Skills: Advocate-1, Broker-1, Carouse-0, Deception-1, Drive-0, Electronics-0, Electronics (Computers-1), Persuade-0, Pilot-0, Pilot (spacecraft)-1, Stealth-1, Steward-0, Streetwise-0, Vacc Suit-0

Attributes: Strength 5 (-1), Dexterity 4 (-1), Endurance 6 (+0), Intellect 6 (+0), Education 5 (-1), Social Standing 6 (+0)

Homeworld — 212-1075 to 072-1094

Martja was born and raised on Kinorb in the Regina subsector of the Spinward Marches, and brought up in the hustle and bustle of the freight handling areas of Riesling Down Starport[1]. Her family were mostly employed by the services and functions of the downport, receiving and preparing freight to and from the garden world of Kinorb. Most of her education was gathered on the streets and within the booths and offices of such companies, rather than paying attention to much within school.

Homeworld Skills: Carouse-0, Streetwise-0

Term 1: Merchant (Broker) — 073-1094 to 072-1098

As soon as she was old enough, Martja got herself a job at a local brokerage within the freight area, dealing with the paperwork and legwork of ensuring that the freight kept moving. The work wasn't taxing, but Martja found the people she met interesting and learnt a lot about brokering deals and the economics of trade across a system.

During her first years at the brokerage Martja met Fiezel Lollops, an experienced merchant trying to find new routes in the system and grew quite fond of the old, chubby man, often spending time with him at the local bar about all things to do with trade and brokerage. At one point she helped Fiezel when he had trouble at customs at the downport, and he promised he would return the favour one day.

Despite her willingness to learn and dedication to her job, she was passed by for any promotions.

Basic Training: Broker-0, Drive-0, Electronics-0, Persuade-0, Steward-0, Vacc Suit-0

Survival: Passed

Life Event: Martja makes an unexpected connection outside her normal circles, gaining a Contact.

Contact: Fiezel Lollops

  • Affinity: Positively Inclined — will probably help in a safe an easy manner if asked, even without reward, but will not take much risk.
  • Emnity: None — no emnity towards the Traveller.
  • Power: Weak — has a few friends or contacts who might be willing to help.
  • Influence: Highly Influential — has some influence at the interplanetary level, with government or underworld figures that owe him a favour or two.

Advancement: Failed

Term 2: Merchant (Broker) — 073-1098 to 072-1102

Martja continued working in the brokerage, but moved across to the speculative trade field, sourcing cargo for merchants and buying and selling goods. She had a natural flair for the role, but lacked in some of the macro-economic algorithms that the brokerage used, so was taken aside and given some advanced training in programming and statistical analysis. Over the course of the term she wrote much of her own software to deal with the complex trading patterns.

Training: Broker-1

Survival: Passed

Life Event: You are given advanced training in a specialist field. Roll EDU 8+ to increase any one skill you already have by one level.

Life Event Skill: Electronics (Computers)-1

Advancement: Failed

Term 3: Merchant (Broker) — 073-1102 to 002-1106

With trading going well, and Martja having more understanding of interplanetary and interstellar economics, she spent some time in her third time learning about interstellar law and how this applied to the trade routes and Imperium control.

However, not long before her tenure was due to be up in the brokerage Martja was forced out of the profession. Riots and insurgency on Kinorb, within the downport and extending into the system had flared. Some stated that these were fuelled by Zhodani or Vargr agents and worse was yet to come. Trade and freight dwindled and Martja had to find other ways of topping up her salary.

Fortune smiled on her as her contact, Fiezel Lollops, offered her a position as a co-pilot on one of his interplanetary vessels where she learnt the basics of piloting a vessel and moving freight within the system. The insurgency continued, though, and it was not long before Lollops himself was needing to make fast money to survive and Martja found herself without a job as the interplanetary ships were sold off one by one.

The violence and devastation and lack of jobs in the profession she loved prompted Martja to decide to leave the system and find her fortune elsewhere.

Training: Advocate-1

Survival: Failed

Mishap: A sudden war destroys your trade routes and contacts, forcing you to flee that region of space. Gain Gun Combat 1 or Pilot 1.

Mishap Skill: Pilot (spacecraft)-1

Mustering Out — 002-1106

Martja had successfully managed to save up Cr40,000 in cash by the time it came to leave her job and as a parting gift from the brokerage, or what was left of it, she was given a credit note for a mortgage reduction on a ship if she could find one.


  • Cash: Cr40,000
  • Benefit: Far Trader

[1]  Riesling Down Starport is named in a Traveller News Service bulletin of 054-1107.