¶ Scene #0006 – Jumpspace: Enope to Moughas

029-1106 to 035-1106: Martja and the crew of the Kalitá continue on their travels in Jumpspace, heading out from Enope and on to Moughas.

Logged by Martja Challerson on 

Update Chaos Factor: chaos factor falls (from 6 to 5) as previous scene was completely in the player's control

Testing the Expected Scene: roll of 1d10: 7 versus the current Chaos Factor of 5

Scene progresses as expected

On board the Kalitá, in Jumpspace between Enope and Moughas. Martja and the crew of the Kalitá need to keep their passengers happy, keep their cargo safe, and keep themselves as crew motivated.

Chaos Factor: 5

Threads List

1-21-2Martja must get the Kalitá safely to Moughas
1-23-4Martja must try to keep the passengers happy on their voyage
1-25-6Martja must try to keep the cargo safe on the voyage
3-41-2Martja must try to keep the crew motivated on their voyage
3-43-4Martja learning Astrogation (added during scene)
3-45-6James researching Life Sciences (Biology) (added during scene)
5-61-2Annie learning Vacc Suit (added during scene)
5-63-4Otto learning Engineer (Power) (added during scene)
5-65-6(roll again)

Characters List

11-3Otto Flowers (Crew)
14-6Annie Wilson (Crew)
21-3James Bourgelat (Crew)
24-6The Kalitá (Ship)
31-3The Cargo (Object)
34-6Veltishko Dubois (NPC)
41-3Yuuichi Madigan (NPC)
44-6Manana Monge (NPC)
51-3Antonie Christensen (NPC)
54-6Fatos Nagasawa (NPC)
61-3Güller Sengupta (NPC)
64-6Low Berth Passengers (NPCs)

Captain's Dinner


On board the Kalitá, in Jumpspace between Enope and Moughas. (028-1106)

The first thing I decided to do when I woke in the morning was to organise my stateroom to make sure I had space to study. The astrogation checks and rechecks always had me stressed and worried as we headed out to jump points and I fear that I need to know more than just the basics and have reliance on jump tapes and the ship computer.

The computer library had the basic information and I could start studying now, though I will also need to get some further courses and instruction material when we get to Moughas.

Martja starts a Study Period in Astrogation

learning Astrogation-0 and requires a further eight weeks of training and learning

Adding to Thread List: Marta learning Astrogation

I managed a good study session throughout most of the day before I needed to get ready for the Captain's Dinner. I could feel myself get a little uneasier as the time drew near and I hoped that I would be able to make light and polite conversation without it spiralling out of control. It would be nice for Annie to have an easy trip for once.

Kalitá Passenger Lounge with passengers eating dinner with the captain and crew.
Kalitá Passenger Lounge with passengers eating dinner with the captain and crew. (Generated Image)

I arrived in the lounge a little early, but already most of the passengers were there. Annie had laid out drinks and nibbles for them and whispered to me that we would try a little socialising before we sat down to eat and in the event of any sense of the unease I had been feeling, we would be more able to move people away.

Fate Question: Have any of the passengers been to Moughas before?

Odds: Fifty/Fifty (let fate decide), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 8 [0,8] results in a Exceptional Yes

All of the passengers have been to Moughas at least once

Fate Question: Is anyone a native of Moughas?

Odds: Likely (if they've all been there and are heading there), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 65 (13/94)

Fate roll of 1d100: 60 [6,0] results in a Yes

At least one of the passengers is originally from Moughas. Not Güller Sengupta, as she is a Sword Worlder; and likely not Yuuichi Madigan as he is a drifter. Fatos Nagasawa has a mention of sayings from their home country, so let us use her.

Fate Question: Other than Fatos, had anyone ventured further on Moughas than the downport?

Odds: Unlikely (most would stay within the starport), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 35 (7/88)

Fate roll of 1d100: 81 [8,1] results in a No

Nobody except Fatos has been outside of the downport extrality zone

Fate Question: Does the rest of the dinner pass peacefully?

Odds: Likely (it seems to have settled well), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 65 (13/94)

Fate roll of 1d100: 41 [4,1] results in a Yes

Everyone can rest easily!

Fate Question: Does Manana Monge spill any secrets about Moughas?

Odds: Fifty/Fifty (it says she has a tendency for it), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 38 [3,8] results in a Yes

Manana spills a secret or rumour about Moughas

It was much easier stood up before the meal to make simple conversation and I was able to ask most of the passengers at once whether they had been to Moughas. To my surprise, all of them had been there at least once before. Fatos Nagasawa was even one of the first settlers on Moughas back in 1085 and had espoused about the world, stating "The ocean, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever", which led to a little ripple of applause from Veltishko Dubois. It seemed that no-one else had ever been further than the downport and although they had seen the beauty and majesty of the water world from afar, had never been on the water outside of the extrality line.

There were dangers on Moughas, Fatos had warned, and these were the main reasons that none of the others had left the downport. Storms and the threat of superwaves that regularly occurred made construction of protective buildings very expensive, and many of the few islands that existed were mostly uninhabited. With the exception of the downport and a few other sites on the Leeward Islands there were no permanent buildings on the surface.

Away from the downport was an underwater arcology, Ash Ra Tempel, that was located on the western Kalchas Shallows which is where the main flow of trade, other than the downport, seemed to happen.

Annie's trick before the meal was a resounding success, as the passengers were all relaxed and amicable to one another. So much so, in fact, that Manana Monge's tongue ran away with her more than she intended I think. She has been a crewman aboard the vessels for one of the major Enope-cluster merchant lines, Feri Haulage LLC, for many years and had been to Moughas a few times. She indicated that she knew about a series of cost cuttings to the Starship Approach control systems and these had plagued the downport for years. Last year, she went on to tell us, two shuttles had been forced to abort landings after control systems inexplicably went down at the last second[1]. And she was convinced they wouldn't be the last.

I made sure that I reassured the passengers that we would be exceptionally careful upon approach and was delighted when it appeared I had their confidence. For the first time I believe I actually enjoyed the full dinner.

#0001 — 028-1106 @ 1100 to 028-1106 @ 2300 IST Ω

Back to School


On board the Kalitá, in Jumpspace between Enope and Moughas. (029-1106)

Pleased with the way the Captain's Dinner had proceeded the previous evening allowed me to continue my research into astrogation a breeze. When the stress and anxiety of making sure a ship full of passengers are happy and content melts away it is easy to concentrate. Most of the day I spent in books and tapes, with the occasional stroll around the ship just to make sure that everything kept running smoothly.

Onboard Event: On board the Kalitá, in Jumpspace between Enope and Moughas.

Onboard Event[2] roll of 1d66: 41 [4,1] results in Typical trip, with highs and lows.

In the medbay, James was undergoing some research himself and had his head in books with an elaborate set of small experiments before him, with small amounts of algae growing in one of the vessels.

Fate Question: Is James doing skill training of his own?

Odds: Likely (he has plenty of time during jumps), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 65 (13/94)

Fate roll of 1d100: 53 [5,3] results in a Yes

It looks like James is doing scientific research, is this into Biology?

Fate Question: Is James training in Biology?

Odds: Likely (he knows xenology and genetics), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 65 (13/94)

Fate roll of 1d100: 8 [0,8] results in a Exceptional Yes

Definitely biology, one of the life sciences he does not have.

I can't pretend I understood that much of what James said, but it sounds like he is continuing his research into the biology of flora, and algae in particular, that he was doing before he left SuSAG. He did note that he was looking after the low berth passengers on a regular basis, though, he would take a walk and stretch his legs from the research and head through the cargo bay to the port section and inspect the berth controls manually.

James starts a Study Period in Life Sciences (Biology)

learning Life-Sciences (Biology)-1 and requires a further eight weeks of training and learning

Adding to Thread List: James researching Life Sciences (Biology)

I walked down to the cargo bay and into the port corridor along with James on his next inspection, just in case I had to know which buttons to press in an emergency. It seemed quite idiot-proof, though without a doctor present at the time of bringing a passenger round it would be "interesting".

Annie was in the cargo bay, fetching something from Antonie Christensen's cargo crate. She explained that it was tea, different boxes from all parts on the Spinward Marches and beyond. Annie said that Antonie mainly sat in his stateroom drinking vast quantities of the stuff and complaining about the water being too pure.

Fate Question: Is Annie doing skill training of her own?

Odds: Very Unlikely (she won't have much uninterrupted time), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 25 (5/86)

Fate roll of 1d100: 8 [0,8] results in a Yes

It looks like she is, despite the lack of time. Obvious options for such a social individual could include Deception-1, Diplomat-0, Gambler-0, a Language, Persuade-1, Streetwise-1, perhaps even Art (Presentation/Holography)-1

Fate Question: Is Annie training in one of the above skills?

Odds: Likely (most appropriate for a social individual), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 65 (13/94)

Fate roll of 1d100: 99 [9,9] results in a Exceptional No

Looks like it is a skill that is almost the reverse of social interaction.

We got talking about my efforts to learn astrogation and James mentioned his research. Annie laughed and said that Otto had been helping her out learning how to wear a vacc suit properly. She had always found them clumsy and difficult to wear and to put on and take off. Otto had always seemed to move around so easily.

Annie starts a Study Period in Vacc Suit

learning Vacc Suit-0 and requires a further eight weeks of training and learning

Adding to Thread List: Annie learning Vacc Suit

As we were laughing about Annie's clumsiness in a vacc suit, Otto himself appeared in the cargo bay, some form of starship component in one hand and a tool box in the other. He shrugged and told us that the repairs never seemed to finish on the Kalitá. We mentioned James' science, my astrogation and commented on how Otto was helping Annie with her vacc suit.

Fate Question: Is Otto doing skill training of her own?

Odds: Fifty/Fifty (he spends a lot of his time fixing stuff), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 6 [0,6] results in a Exceptional Yes

Absolutely. He is doubling down on it.

I asked if Otto was learning at the same time as us and he nodded in agreement. After the issues we had had last jump with the Kalitá and the power plant he was reading the old girl's manuals and studying our fusion plant so that he would be able to fix any problems later.

Otto starts a Study Period in Engineer (Power)

learning Engineer (Power) and requires a further eight weeks of training and learning

Adding to Thread List: Otto learning Engineer (Power)

With us all spending time concentrating on our own development we must not forget that we have a ship to run and passengers that need looking after.

#0002 — 029-1106 @ 1100 to 029-1106 @ 2300 IST Ω

Arrival at Moughas

Moughas (Spinward Marches/Regina/2406)

On board the Kalitá, heading inbound to Moughas. (036-1106)

The rest of the jump passed in delightful peace, with contented passengers and plenty of time for the crew and myself to continue our studies.

Study Periods progress as planned

Martja completes one week of studying Astrogation and has seven weeks remaining

James completes one week of studying Life Sciences (Biology) and has seven weeks remaining

Annie completes one week of studying Vacc Suit and has seven weeks remaining

Otto completes one week of studying Engineer (Power) and has seven weeks remaining

When the notification came through for the expected jump precipitation I once again asked the passengers to remain in their stateroom and for all the crew to don their vacc suits. The exit was bang on cue and I quickly opened up the sensor panels to get our bearings and readings from the Moughas system.

Moughas Basic System Information
Moughas Basic System Information (Communications Buoy System Information  )

Readings came through quickly on the system and confirmed we were about eight hours away from the homeworld. Traffic was fairly light and the comms buoy supplied a vector to approach the highport. Moughas could be seen through the viewports as a small blue circle, tiny, but obvious in the blackness of space. As I turned to look at the newsfeeds and other system reports I let James know to start the process of unfreezing the low berths.

004-1106 ⑆ Regina (Unknown Sector/Unknown Subsector/Unknown Hex)

The Travellers' Aid Society has obtained an exclusive interview with Force Commander Windan Lorimer, Imperial Marines (ret.), recently returned from six months of duty as a captain of auxiliaries engaged in counter-insurgency actions on Efate (Spinward Marches 1705).

In the interview, Force Commander Lorimer revealed that four months ago his battalion became engaged in a firefight and subsequently captured twenty insurgents, two of whom were officers. Subsequent medical examination revealed that one of the two was actually a Zhodani officer serving as an adviser to the Ine Givar cadres.

In response to queries concerning Force Commander Lorimer's claims, Rear Admiral Lord Santanocheev, CINCNINT/RS (Commander-in-Chief, Naval Intelligence, Regina Subsector) today held a press conference during which he claimed that Naval Intelligence was convinced that there was neither Zhodani or Ine Givar involvement in the Efate disturbances.

"What we have on Efate is a local, very minor situation. We're handling it with local forces and a few mercenary contingents. If it were serious, we could commit army or marine assets. We have some very potent assets in this subsector, but we haven't felt the need to commit them. This is not a serious situation,", he reported.

When asked about the report of a Zhodani officer, Lord Santanocheev replied, "Naval Intelligence has this man in custody, and I can assure you that he is not a Zhodani officer, or a Zhodani anything. I fought the Zhodani twenty years ago in this subsector. I know the Zhodani, and this man is not a Zhodani." When contacted afterwards, Force Commander Lorimer refused to comment on the Admiral's remarks, beyond insisting that his original reports had been accurate. Ω

TAS Newsfeeds

Efate was spinward from where we were now at Moughas, on the edge of Imperial space, as Kinorb was. The news was disconcerting, especially as there appeared to disagreement on the facts. We would have to continue to be careful about heading close to the border. Regina was near the border, but was well protected.

Major Route Encounter: (Starport C)

DM of -1 due to Starport is Class C

Route Encounter roll of 2d6-1: 5 [3,3] results in Scout table

Scout Table toll of 2d6: 5 [1,4] results in a Scout (100t)

Ship Reactions Table roll of 3d6: 6 [1,3,2] results in Warn you away from a gravitational disturbance

Not so long after leaving jumpspace and as we followed the provided vectors to the highport we were hailed by a Type-S Scout, the "Following The Light Of The Sun", who hailed us from some 50,000km away. They were warning all civilian vessels to chart around their location as they were monitoring and investigating some form of gravitational disturbance. We were given a 5,000km radius safety zone to avoid, so I had to bring the Kalitá off the provided ship lane vectors and steer around. It added a little time to our journey, but nothing significant.

Bring Radina Emanuel out of low berth: Medic (INT, Routine 6+); 1Dx10 Minutes

James's Medic Skill is +1; Using INT of 13 (+2)

Skill roll of 2d6+1+2+0: 8 [3,2] results in an effect of +2 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6x10: 20 [2] resulting in 20 minute(s)

Bring Hee Seon Von Bismark out of low berth: Medic (INT, Routine 6+); 1Dx10 Minutes

James's Medic Skill is +1; Using INT of 13 (+2)

Skill roll of 2d6+1+2+0: 7 [1,3] results in an effect of +1 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6x10: 10 [1] resulting in 10 minute(s)

Bring Vello Stanciu out of low berth: Medic (INT, Routine 6+); 1Dx10 Minutes

James's Medic Skill is +1; Using INT of 13 (+2)

Skill roll of 2d6+1+2+0: 11 [5,3] results in an effect of +5 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6x10: 30 [3] resulting in 30 minute(s)

Bring Silvestre Swanson out of low berth: Medic (INT, Routine 6+); 1Dx10 Minutes

James's Medic Skill is +1; Using INT of 13 (+2)

Skill roll of 2d6+1+2-2: 10 [5,4] results in an effect of +4 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6x10: 20 [2] resulting in 20 minute(s)

James succeeds in bringing all passengers out of low berth, taking 1 hour and 20 minutes to do so.

As we sped towards Moughas, James was bringing the low berth passengers into the lounge, and many of the high passengers were crowding around the viewport to see Moughas, even though as they all stated they had been to Moughas before.

As the planet grew larger it truly was a beautiful sight to behold.

Moughas as seen from the Kalitá on approach.
Moughas as seen from the Kalitá on approach. (SchinyMan Oceanic Planet 03  )

A blue gem, with wisps of high cloud shone brilliantly out into space, with flecks of small islands here and there. In the northern hemisphere looked to be a gathering dark cloud and it was obvious even from this distance that storms and heavy waters would crash throughout the globe.

As we continued in we got to within hailing distance of the highport and I pushed out a friendly comms. There was little traffic around the station and I expected that it was only used for non-streamlined vessels, or ones that would have difficulty heading down through the atmosphere.

The highport orbiting Moughas. From the Kalitá after hailing.
The highport orbiting Moughas. From the Kalitá after hailing. (Generated Image)

My suspicions were correct in that the main starport for Moughas was a downport and instructions were given for route and landing. There was an Amber warning for weather at the moment as a storm was approaching the port and all caution should be taken.

Once again I asked the passengers to head to their staterooms and the low berth passengers to strap themselves in the chairs within the passenger lounge. Annie joined me up front in the bridge and then we turned the Kalitá on to the course provided by the upstation and descended into the atmosphere.

#0003 — 030-1106 @ 1100 to 036-1106 @ 0300 IST Ω

[1] This rumour is taken from the Freelance Traveller magazine section "Doing It My Way" by Michael Hughes.

  1. Zeitlin, Jeff, et al — Freelance Traveller #075 (May/June 2016) (Freelance Traveller, 2016), p.62

[2] Onboard events are taken from the Merchant Ship table.

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