¶ Scene #0004 – Jumpspace: Beck's World to Enope

018-1106 to 025-1106: Martja and the crew of the Kalitá continue on their travels in Jumpspace, heading out from Beck's World and on to Enope.

Logged by Martja Challerson on 

Update Chaos Factor: chaos factor rises (from 4 to 5) as previous scene was out of player's control

Testing the Expected Scene: roll of 1d10: 10 versus the current Chaos Factor of 4

Scene progresses as expected

On board the Kalitá, in Jumpspace between Beck's World and Enope. Martja and the crew of the Kalitá need to keep their passengers happy, keep their cargo safe, and keep themselves as crew motivated.

Chaos Factor: 5

Threads List

1-31-3Martja must get the Kalitá safely to Beck's World
1-34-6Martja must try to keep the passengers happy on their voyage
4-61-3Martja must try to keep the cargo safe on the voyage
4-64-6Martja must try to keep the crew motivated on their voyage

Characters List

11-3Otto Flowers (Crew)
14-6Annie Wilson (Crew)
21-3James Bourgelat (Crew)
24-6The Kalitá (Ship)
31-3The Cargo (Object)
34-6Gebke Schnell (NPC)
41-3Soon Ho Scarpa (NPC)
44-6Tyson Kulakov (NPC)
51-3Floyd Parma (NPC)
54-6Noreen Baptista (NPC)
61-3Catharinus Matsuo (NPC)
64-6Low Berth Passengers (NPCs)

Captain's Dinner


On board the Kalitá, in Jumpspace between Beck's World and Enope. (018-1106)

The rest was good. After a few days on Beck's World with the stress of trying to sell our cargo and purchase some new goods, as well as having to deal with the customs officer and the drunken consul it was great to back on board the Kalitá safe in the hydrogen-bubble of jumpspace.

I made the rounds in the morning to make pleasantries with the passengers in their lounge and talked through the repairs we would need with Otto at length. James was keeping a good eye on the low berths and Annie was whizzing about as normal with errands from the passengers and preparing for the evening meal. Just like clockwork.

Some of the time I spent contemplating my lack of astrogation knowledge and the time it was taking me to calculate the required jump vectors. I hardly have even the most basic knowledge and have had to rely on following specific instructions and triple-checking all of the calculations. I can see a dire need to either get the textbooks to allow me to learn the ropes, which will take a fair amount of time, or get a computer and program to assist. It seems that both would be prudent, so my mind was made up to head to Moughas (Spinward Marches/Regina/2406) , where the higher technology level of the planet may offer more in choice of the computer systems I could purchase.

Kalitá Passenger Lounge with passengers eating dinner with the captain and crew.
Kalitá Passenger Lounge with passengers eating dinner with the captain and crew. (Generated Image)

I was brought out of my contemplation when Annie pinged me to inform me that it was nearly time for the Captain's Dinner once more. I smartened myself up and put on a brave face with the hope that the dinner would go smoother than the last time.

Fate Question: Is the passenger Gebke heading to Enope rather than onwards any further?

Odds: Fifty/Fifty (let fate decide), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 6 [0,6] results in a Exceptional Yes

Gebke is definitely stopping in the Enope system. There are two major destinations in the minerals/mining facilities or she is heading to see the Caverns of Enope.

Fate Question: Is Gebke heading to Enope due to the Caverns?

Odds: Likely (there were also Ancients' artefacts at Beck's World), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 65 (13/94)

Fate roll of 1d100: 76 [7,6] results in a No

It isn't the Caverns of Enope, so is most likely that the purpose of the visit is to the mining operations.

Fate Question: Does she have business with the mining operations?

Odds: Very Likely (there isn't much else at Enope), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 75 (15/96)

Fate roll of 1d100: 100 [0,0] results in a Exceptional No but also a Random Event

Random Event:

Random Event Focus roll of 1d100: 50 [5,0] results in NPC Positive

Random Character roll of 1d6: 5 and 1d6: 2 results in Floyd Parma

Event Meaning roll on Action table of 1d100: 39 (3,9) results in Easy

Event Meaning roll on Action table of 1d100: 78 (7,8) results in Project

It most definitely isn't, Gebke is very specific about that, but Floyd Parma intervenes and suggest that the mining operations are an "Easy Project", taking attention away from Gebke.

Fate Question: Is Floyd Parma involved in the mining operations?

Odds: Very Likely (he seems to know a lot about the mining), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 75 (15/96)

Fate roll of 1d100: 67 [6,7] results in a Yes

Fate Question: Does Soon Ho Scarpa know much about Enope?

Odds: Very Unlikely (moved from a distant world), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 25 (5/86)

Fate roll of 1d100: 52 [5,2] results in a No

Fate Question: Is Enope his final destination?

Odds: Unlikely (he doesn't know much about Enope), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 35 (7/88)

Fate roll of 1d100: 93 [9,3] results in a Exceptional No

Fate Question: Does Tyson Kulakov show his unpatriotism?

Odds: Fifty/Fifty (would try to keep it in, but not the highest intellect), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 99 [9,9] results in a Exceptional No

Fate Question: Does Catharinus Matsuo cause any trouble?

Odds: Unlikely (would try to behave on board), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 35 (7/88)

Fate roll of 1d100: 7 [0,7] results in a Exceptional Yes

Event Meaning roll on Action table of 1d100: 98 (9,8) results in Violently

Event Meaning roll on Action table of 1d100: 20 (2,0) results in Dirty

The dinner, of course, didn't go as planned.

I continued my conversations with Gebke, asking if she was heading no further than Enope, hoping that she might be going further so we could take her passage once more. However, she declared that Enope would be her final stop, despite the cold of the planet. With the little knowledge I had of the world I enquired if she was going there to visit the Caverns of Enope; the Ancients' site where flora and fauna from dozens of worlds had been transplanted many years ago and left to grow and evolve over that time in a honeycomb of interconnected artificial caverns, lit and watered by processes that the researches were still investigating. She replied that she might one day, but that was not her destination.

The only other logical place would have been the mining operations, but Gebke had shaken her head to that as well, before Floyd Parma interrupted and gave his opinion on the mining. An easy project he called it. The minerals were fairly simple to mine if you were able to build the habitats to allow the workers to survive in the frigid conditions. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of these habitats had been built and there were nearly seven billion people down there carving out an existence and getting paid a great deal of money to do so.

Turning to Soon Ho Scarpa I asked if he knew much about Enope. He did not, as he had come from a system many parsecs away, though declined to weave that into the conversation. A note for Annie, though, was that Soon Ho wasn't intending on staying on Enope, so he might be one we could add to the passenger list to Moughas if he was heading in that direction.

When I turned to talk to Tyson Kulakov I was a little surprised by his reaction. He was sat up very straight and his back was stiff, with an accent that James told me later that reminded him of someone from the Core sectors, although James did say he thought that Tyson was faking it. He kept mentioning the Imperium, and how it was fantastic that they were patrolling the space lanes around Enope and that the facilities on the planet were kept at a high quality by the Imperium and the Emperor's hand.

This talk, however, seemed to rattle Catharinus Matsuo somewhat who seemed to take great offence at some of the language and Tyson's Imperialistic posturing.

Throw plate of food at Tyson: Athletics (Dexterity) (DEX, Average 8+); (Combat)

Catharinus Matsuo's Athletics (Dexterity) Skill is -3; Using DEX of 10 (+1)

Skill roll of 2d6-3+1: 5 [6,1] results in an effect of -3 (Average Failure, chain -2)

Catharinus misses Tyson with the plate, but the food goes all over him, staining his jacket.

The talk went on and started to get a little heated, but before Annie or I could intervene, Catharinus stood up and threw his plate of food right at Tyson. Luckily the aim was off somewhat and the plate missed Tyson's head by a few centimetres, but the food on the plate splattered against the noble's white jacket.

Otto was quick to restrain Catharinus and between him and Annie they escorted him off to his stateroom. I profusely apologised to Tyson, who stormed off to his own stateroom in disgust. The dinner ended, unsurprisingly, not that long afterwards, as the passengers swiftly made their excuses and made their way back to their rooms.

As of the last dinner we have some work ahead of us to calm and placate our passengers. I have one passenger confined to quarters and am keeping my fingers crossed that another does not take action against the Kalitá for their actions. Annie has, once again, her work cut out!

#0001 — 018-1106 @ 1100 to 018-1106 @ 2300 IST Ω

Calming the Storm


On board the Kalitá, in Jumpspace between Beck's World and Enope. (019-1106)

We made a concerted effort this morning to ensure that our passengers felt both safe and looked after on the Kalitá with a double-pronged approach. James had come up with a plan to use some of the sterilising equipment in the medic bay to clean Tyson's dirty clothes from the previous night, and Annie was to go about placating his ire with this as one of the offerings in hand.

Calm down an irate passenger: Steward (SOC, Difficult 10+); 1Dx10 Minutes

Annie's Steward Skill is +2; Using SOC of 9 (+1)

Annie will take time to reduce the skill roll to Average 8+ by taking 1D Hours

Skill roll of 2d6+2+1: 11 [5,3] results in an effect of +3 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6: 2 [2] resulting in 2 hour(s)

Annie succeeds in calming down Tyson Kulakov, taking 2 hours to do so.

Whilst Annie was dealing with Tyson, I headed to Catharinus' stateroom, to which the door had been security locked overnight as was my prerogative as captain of the ship. I did not want this to be a permanent situation so decided to debate the interstellar regulations with Catharinus with the hope that he would agree to self-impose his own confinement for the promise that neither we, nor Tyson, would press any charges once we reached Enope's starport.

Debate an Argument: Advocate (INT, Opposed 0+); 1Dx10 Minutes

Martja's Advocate Skill is +1; Using INT of 6 (+0)

Catharinus Matsuo's Advocate Skill is +0; Using INT of 9 (+1)

Opposed roll of Martja: 2d6+1+0: 9 [5,3] versus Catharinus: 2d6+0+1: 6 [2,3] results in success for Martja

Duration is 1d6x10: 30 [3] resulting in 30 minute(s)

Martja succeeds in debating the legal ramifications of Catharinus' actions, taking 30 minutes to do so.

I must admit I nearly made the mistake in thinking I knew much more about the legal affairs than Catharinus, but I managed to convince him that staying in his stateroom would be the best for everyone and that we would agree with Tyson that nothing else would come of the situation.

Passing on this information to Annie helped her win over Tyson, who calmed down completely, particularly when a few hours later he was presented with his robes in pristine condition once more.

Onboard Event: On board the Kalitá, in Jumpspace between Beck's World and Enope.

Onboard Event[1] roll of 1d66: 43 [4,3] results in Power failure – several tripped fuses, shuts down power in parts of engineering.

Event Meaning roll on Element (Object) table of 1d100: 57 (5,7) results in Loud

Event Meaning roll on Element (Object) table of 1d100: 98 (9,8) results in Weapon

Fate Question: Is the loud weapon an actual weapon being fired in engineering?

Odds: Nearly Impossible (no-one has a weapon, and no passenger has access to the ship's locker), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 15 (3/84)

Fate roll of 1d100: 23 [2,3] results in a No

Fortunately it is not a real weapon that has been fired. The alternative would be one of the turrets that has overloaded.

Fate Question: Is the turret in question the double pulse laser one?

Odds: Fifty/Fifty (could be either), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 50 (10/91)

Fate roll of 1d100: 3 [0,3] results in a Exceptional Yes

It is pretty obvious that it is the double pulse laser turret — alarm bells will be sounding!

Fate Question: Is the double pulse laser turret damaged?

Odds: Likely (it was a loud bang), Chaos Factor: 5, Chance: 65 (13/94)

Fate roll of 1d100: 68 [6,8] results in a No

The damage seems to be limited to the power coupling, so if that is repaired then all is good.

Only moments after we had delivered Tyson's cleaned clothing there was a loud bang from somewhere within the ship, the lights went out and were replaced by the emergency lighting, and a low level alarm kicked in. I rushed to the bridge, but the alarms had already ceased and the lights restored by the time I arrived. Otto had already tracked down the issue and cut the alarms and restored power.

Heading down to engineering I found Otto near the power plant at the main fuse point, shaking his head.

The primary turret had had a surge and tripped the entire set of fuses. Another gift from the ancient girl that was Kalitá. Otto suggested he would be able to patch everything up, it was probably a coupling somewhere that had blown. We really needed to get some spare parts when we could afford it though. Next time we may not be as lucky.

Fix the power coupling to the turret: Engineer (Power) (EDU, Routine 6+); 1D Hours

Otto's Engineer Skill is +0; Using EDU of 10 (+1)

Skill roll of 2d6+0+1: 8 [6,1] results in an effect of +2 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6: 2 [2] resulting in 2 hour(s)

Otto succeeds in tracking down and repairing the power coupling, taking 2 hours to do so.

Otto reported back to me a few hours later that he had replaced the power coupling and checked the power lines to make sure everything was in working order. So far we have had nothing else trip or waver, so it seems, at least for now, we are back to normal.

#0002 — 019-1106 @ 1100 to 019-1106 @ 2200 IST Ω

Out of Jump

Enope (Spinward Marches/Regina/2205)

On board the Kalitá, leaving Jumpspace and heading to the highport of Enope. (025-1106)

We are starting to get into a good routine for our exit from jumpspace. Passengers may set their own alarms for earlier, but I have instigated an alarm and order for one hour before exit for the passengers to ensure they are safely in their staterooms and for all crew to wear a vacc suit from the ship's locker. Annie is stationed on the bridge with me, Otto remains in engineering, and James stays safely in the medbay. This protocol should continue until fifteen minutes after exit.

The exit to Enope went perfectly to plan and as we entered real space once more I quickly moved to the sensor station to see the data from the local communication buoys. It only took a couple of minutes before we had a readout of the system and any important traffic information.

Enope Basic System Information
Enope Basic System Information (Communications Buoy System Information  )

There were no significant challenges to traffic, though the indications were that the highport was busy. With billions of people living on an icy planet that wasn't unexpected — the freight ships supplying food alone on a day to day basis would jam many systems.

Course was set for the highport with just over six hours of travel. I let the passengers know over the internal systems and Annie headed out to busy herself with preparations for offboarding the passengers and making sure that Tyson and Catharinus did not meet each other during the process.

I gave James the nod to start cycling the low berths to bring our other passengers round and he headed off through the cargo bay with his medikit whilst I took a quick look at the incoming newsfeeds.

361-1105 ⑆ Dentus (Spinward Marches/Regina/2201)

Word was received today that two weeks ago the Imperial Battle cruiser Adamdun mistakenly engaged and destroyed the merchant craft Bloodwell of the Oberlindes Lines. The Bloodwell, according to the crew of the battle cruiser, was not showing its ID transponder signal and would not answer broad-beam hails. The Bloodwell was under full acceleration, and after it refused to change vector in response to laser warning fire, it was engaged by high-G missile fire and destroyed. A subsequent (and unsuccessful) search for survivors resulted in the identification of the ship. Ω

TAS Newsfeeds

Dentus was coreward of Kinorb, where we had come from. I wondered if this was related to the terrorism at Riesling Downport and maybe the Ine Givar, although based on the feed it did sound as though it was just a horrible tragedy. It had happened before the explosion at Kinorb and the news had gradually chased us rimward.

Major Route Encounter: (Starport C)

DM of +1 due to Population is 8+

DM of -1 due to Starport is Class C

Route Encounter roll of 2d6+1-1: 3 [2,1] results in No Encounter

The approach to Enope was safe and steady and although there were many ships heading to and from the planet they all gave wide berths, the vast distances of space allowing us to pass safely.

Bring Gunhilde Okuyama out of low berth: Medic (INT, Routine 6+); 1Dx10 Minutes

James's Medic Skill is +1; Using INT of 13 (+2)

Skill roll of 2d6+1+2-1: 8 [2,4] results in an effect of +2 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6x10: 50 [5] resulting in 50 minute(s)

Bring Kirilka Macarthur out of low berth: Medic (INT, Routine 6+); 1Dx10 Minutes

James's Medic Skill is +1; Using INT of 13 (+2)

Skill roll of 2d6+1+2-1: 6 [2,2] results in an effect of +0 (Marginal Success, chain +1)

Duration is 1d6x10: 40 [4] resulting in 40 minute(s)

Bring Eitel Schulhofová out of low berth: Medic (INT, Routine 6+); 1Dx10 Minutes

James's Medic Skill is +1; Using INT of 13 (+2)

Skill roll of 2d6+1+2+1: 9 [4,1] results in an effect of +3 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6x10: 40 [4] resulting in 40 minute(s)

Bring Fridolin Shentu out of low berth: Medic (INT, Routine 6+); 1Dx10 Minutes

James's Medic Skill is +1; Using INT of 13 (+2)

Skill roll of 2d6+1+2+0: 8 [1,4] results in an effect of +2 (Average Success, chain +2)

Duration is 1d6x10: 40 [4] resulting in 40 minute(s)

James succeeds in bringing all passengers out of low berth, taking 2 hours and 50 minutes to do so.

I caught up with James a few hours later to see how the low berth passengers were faring. It was always a nervous time from what I had heard, and even that some people never made it. I'm not sure how much of that was true, but after speaking to James he had stated that one of the passengers, Kirilka, had not shown strong metrics as the start of the recovery and that James felt he had even been close to losing her at one point.

Most of them were now comfortably seated in the passenger lounge, however, with Annie taking care of them alongside the high passage guests.

It took us well over the six hours to eventually get to within orbit distance of Enope and the frigid world was quite a sight out of the viewports.

Enope as seen from the Kalitá on approach.
Enope as seen from the Kalitá on approach. (SchinyMan Snow/Ice Planet 03  )

Contact was made with traffic control at the starport and we were asked to hold our ground. It appeared that we had arrived at a particularly busy period and there was a nine-hour long queue we were promptly put to the back of. I reluctantly informed the passengers and crew and there was nothing else to do but wait patiently.

Gradually, over the stretched out hours, we moved closer and closer to the highport until we could see the structure in the viewports. Tiny at first, but slowly growing, until we could even clearly see the Imperial Sunburst glowing softly against the blackness of space.

The highport orbiting Enope. From the Kalitá before docking.
The highport orbiting Enope. From the Kalitá before docking. (Generated Image)

Finally, we were giving landing clearance, the automated landing beacons guiding us to a empty section of space close to the station where we were supplied orbital parameters to keep us in step with the station. The call came through to inform us that a shuttle for any passengers would be arriving promptly and we could already see a fuel tug creeping slowly towards us. We had arrived at Enope.

#0003 — 024-1106 @ 1945 to 025-1106 @ 1200 IST Ω

Shuttling To and Fro

Enope (Spinward Marches/Regina/2205)

On board the Kalitá, in parking orbit around Enope Highport. (025-1106)

As the fuel tug approached I contacted Otto, who took over the comms station. The tug was an automated drone and Otto was able to direct it to the fuel lines on the Kalitá where it attached and began the laborious process of pumping the fuel into the ship via the refinery.

Refuelling 20 dton

with Unrefined fuel at a cost of Cr100 per dton

using Fuel Processors to refine fuel at a rate of 40 dton/1 day

time take to refuel is 12 hours (ready at 026-1106 @ 0100 IST) at a total of Cr2,000

The process would take a while, so as a crew we decided that the best course of action would be to leave the ship alongside the passengers on the shuttle and go and find somewhere to eat and relax at the highport. We would need to start the process to find a buyer for the cargo as well as begin the search for more passengers. Perhaps even a little light shopping.

The berthing costs were quite expensive for a C-grade highport, with an initial cost of Cr500 for the first day and then a further Cr100 for each day after that. However, this did pay for the shuttle transports and even included any visits down to the surface. On top of that the cost covered any cargo and freight handling. But first, before worrying about the cargo and journeys to the surface, we needed a meal.

It wasn't long before a shuttle arrived, a bright blue modular skiff, and after allowing it to dock against the cargo bay and take the high passengers' luggage we ushered our guests to the airlock ready to depart.

Powering down the systems I put the Kalitá into a secure mode and made sure I was the last one through the airlock onto the skiff.

#0004 — 025-1106 @ 1300 to 025-1106 @ 2100 IST Ω

[1] Onboard events are taken from the Merchant Ship table.

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