Otto Flowers

30 years old, Male Human, 698BA6
Skills: Athletics-0, Drive-0, Electronics-0, Electronics (Sensors)-1, Engineer-0, Engineer (Life Support)-1, Engineer (J-Drive)-1, Engineer (M-drive)-2, Gun Combat-0, Gunner-0, Mechanic-1, Pilot-0, Science (Physical Sciences)-0, Vacc Suit-1

Attributes: Strength 6 (+0), Dexterity 9 (+1), Endurance 8 (+0), Intellect 11 (+1), Education 10 (+1), Social Standing 6 (+0)

Homeworld — 183-1075 to 242-1093

Otto was born and raised on Efate (Spinward Marches/Regina/1705) in the Regina subsector of the Spinward Marches, brought up with dreams and aspirations — like many of his friends post the Fourth Frontier War — to join the detached Naval Fleet, the 213th[1], at the in-system Naval Base.

With natural aptitude to fix and repair mechanical and electrical systems from a young age, Otto's parents saved up to get him the best education they could based on their meagre income.

Homeworld Skills: Mechanic-0, Drive-0, Science (Physical Sciences)-0

Pre-Career Education: University — 243-1093 to 242-1097

Otto wanted to join the Naval College, but the funds his parents had saved were not enough to enrol. Instead, he took the entrance examinations for the university, passing them with ease, and then went on to study electrical engineering, mastering the complex intricacies of manoeuvre drives.

He worked hard and played hard during his university time, but studies always came first for Otto and the prize of getting his degree and earning a place within the Imperial Navy. He seldom made friends, but one of those was Raell Alyw, from further spinward, who was forever trying to get Otto to switch from engineering and electronic subjects to chemical and demolitions practices. Otto grew impatient with Raell's continued pestering about explosives and engineered a small practical joke — a tiny device set to explode with paper trails and glitter in Raell's dorm to leave a mess. Otto's device went off unexpectedly, however, with Raell in the room at the time, who was injured, though not too badly. The friendship ended there.

Otto managed to complete his studies, despite the close call with the university authorities after the prank, graduating successfully.

University Skills: Engineer-0, Engineer (M-drive)-1, Electronics-0, EDU +1

Life Event: A supposedly harmless prank goes wrong and someone gets hurt, physically or emotionally. Roll SOC 8+. If you succeed, gain a Rival. If you fail, gain an Enemy. If you roll 2, you fail to graduate and must take the Prisoner career in your next term. [Rolled 9]

Rival: Raell Alyw

  • Affinity: None — no affinity towards the Traveller. This may be an enemy or just someone who does not care at all what happens to the Traveller, depending on Enmity.
  • Emnity: Negatively Inclined — may engage in acts of petty spite for no gain, just to annoy and upset the Traveller. Someone with an Enmity value of -2 will probably stop short of actions that would seriously harm or kill the Traveller.
  • Power: Weak — has a few friends or contacts who might be willing to help; the equivalent of a typical band of Travellers.
  • Influence: Highly Influential — has some influence at the interplanetary level, with government or underworld figures that owe him a favour or two.

Graduation: Success. Engineer (M-drive)-2, Electronics (Sensors)-1, EDU +1

Term 1: Navy — 001-1098 to 365-1101

Almost as soon as Otto graduated he applied for enrollment in the Imperial Navy, hoping for a commission based on his excellent university results. The competition was fierce, though, and Otto was unsuccessful at a commission, but his enrollment as a Crewman in the Engineering Corps of the Imperial Navy went through and he was assigned, as he wished, to the 213th Fleet.

Much of his first term was spent in system on board the Zaggisi[2], a Kinunir-class vanguard cruiser that had survived the Battle of the Two Suns[3]. The commander ran a tight ship and Otto soon learned discipline as well as the ropes for the engineering and power rooms of a large cruiser. He spent over six months repairing one of the vessels J-drives, earning much respect amongst the crew and his superiors, rising to the rank of Able Spacehand.

Basic Training: Athletics-0, Gun Combat-0, Gunner-0, Mechanic-0, Pilot-0, Vacc Suit-0

Survival: Passed

Life Event: Your new commander is a stickler, ensuring that you are constantly busy with checking and rechecking your systems. However your abilities increase as a result of these duties. Gain Engineer (any), Mechanic or Computer.

Life Event Skill: Engineer (J-drive)-1

Advancement: Success. Promoted to Able Spacehand (Rank E1)

Advancement Skill: Mechanic-1

Term 2: Navy — 001-1102 to 365-1105

Otto remained in the navy for a second term and was posted to Regina to work at the Imperial Navy base in that system. He worked predominantly in the life support systems room, learning how a military base operates.

During the last year of his term, terrorists from the Ine Givar movement broke into Otto's part of the base and set fire to much of the life support system. One of Otto's crewmates was trapped within a bulkhead section and Otto risked his own life to save him, taking injuries of his own — burns across his body — in the attempt.

Otto was promoted for his bravery, and although the Navy paid for the medical procedures to heal his wounds and scars, he decided it was time to leave the Navy and seek his fortune elsewhere, heading coreward as far as Kinorb on Naval transports heading for the border.

Training: Engineer (Life Support)-1

Survival: Success

Life Event: You have a chance to save a fellow crewman. If you wish to make the attempt, roll Endurance 8+. If you fail, you are injured. If you succeed, gain a Contact. Failure.

Injury: Scarred — you are scarred and injured. Reduce any physical characteristic by 2. Endurance is reduced by 2. Navy pays for medical procedure to restore (Cr10,000).

Advancement: Success. Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class (Rank E2)

Advancement Skill: Vacc Suit-1

Mustering Out — 365-1105

Otto had managed to put away a few credits during his time in the Navy, saving up Cr10,000 during his two terms. As part of his severance package Otto also received two sets of Ship Shares, partially as recompense for the injury he had sustained.


  • Cash: Cr10,000
  • Benefit: Ship Share
  • Benefit: Ship Share

[1] The 213th Fleet has its headquarters at the Naval Base in Efate (Spinward Marches/Regina/1705) . Elements of this fleet are stationed at Efate, Pixie and Regina.

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