James Bourgelat

38 years old, Male Human, 3B3D96
Skills: Admin-0, Animals-0, Animals (Veterinary)-2, Diplomat-0, Electronics-0, Electronics (Comms)-1, Electronics (Computers)-2, Flyer-0, Investigate-1, Language-0, Medic-1, Science (Life Sciences)-0, Science (Life Sciences/Genetics)-1, Science (Life Sciences/Xenology)-1, Seafarer-0, Streetwise-0

Attributes: Strength 3 (-1), Dexterity 11 (+1), Endurance 3 (-1), Intellect 13 (+2), Education 9 (+1), Social Standing 6 (+)

Homeworld — 287-1067 to 286-1085

James was born and raised in a small settlement near Hudson Scout Base[1] on Dentus at the edge of Imperial space in the Regina subsector of the Spinward Marches. He spent much of his youth studying the algae and sea creatures that were in abundance on the water planet, as well as the smaller creatures of the small mainland. His parents were simple algae farmers, but James was curious and inquisitive and had natural talent with the animals and was never destined to remain a farmer.

Homeworld Skills: Animals-0, Admin-0, Seafarer-0

Pre-Career Education: University — 287-1085 to 268-1089

As soon as he was old enough, James' parents paid for a middle passage ticket to send him to the university on Kinorb to study veterinary science and medicine. He settled down quickly to his studies, socialising easily with those interested in the same subjects, learning smatterings of phrases of other languages from across the sector.

His exams went well, and James graduated with honours, with his family attending his graduation ceremony.

University Skills: Animals (Veterinary)-1, Medic-0, EDU +1

Life Event: You develop a healthy interest in a hobby or other area of study. Gain any skill of your choice, with the exception of Jack-of-all-Trades, at level 0.

Life Event Skill: Language-0

Graduation: Success with Honours. Animals (Veterinary)-2, Medic-1, EDU +1

Term 1: Scholar — 314-1089 to 313-1093

Several firms fought for James' employment based on his success through university and the outstanding reception of his final research paper. It took a few weeks, but he finally chose to join Schunamann und Sohn AG (SuSAG) as a Field Researcher. After six months of basic training, James was transported spinward to Jewell (Spinward Marches/Jewell/1106) and then via specialised SuSAG transport to the volcanic world of Nakege (Spinward Marches/Jewell/1305).

In a facility in the Totarin Mountains, along with a thousand or so other researchers, James investigated how the local fauna coped with the ash and sulphur of the volcanic world that gave it its amber classification. He excelled within the research, quickly rising to the lead technician role, as his work helped further SuSAG's aspirations to create superior sulphur filters.

Basic Training: Diplomat-0, Electronics-0, Flyer-0, Investigate-0, Medic-0, Science (Life Sciences)-0

Survival: Success.

Life Event: Your efforts in the field have earned respect at home. You are automatically promoted.

Auto-Advancement: Automatic Promotion (Rank E1).

Auto-Advancement Skill: Science (Life Sciences/Xenology)-1

Advancement: Success. Promotion (Rank E2).

Advancement Skill: Electronics (Computers)-1

Term 2: Scholar — 314-1093 to 313-1097

With a successful term completed, James was hired out as a specialist by SuSAG and travelled back trailing and coreward to Triad (Gvurrdon/Uthe/2436). As a client state of the Imperium and under the protection of the Imperial Navy several agri-combines had sprung up on the agricultural world and SuSAG had committed resources to one of the larger combines.

James worked alongside Bora Doshuss, a freelance genetic engineer, who was researching a strange fungal infection that was jeopardising the crops and the whole planet's economy. Doshuss believed that the infection could be fought using samples from an analogous crop species from the world of Thaeuevae (Gvurrdon/Uthe/1936), five parsecs spinward. She asked James to join her to seek and obtain samples from the world. However, Thaeuevae was under interdiction by the Vargr 40th Squadron, and James baulked at such a dangerous journey, earning Bora's ire.

Skills Training: Electronics (Comms)-1

Survival: Passed

Life Event: You go on a tour of the sector, visiting several worlds. Gain D3 Contacts. (1)

Contact: Bora Doshuss

  • Affinity: Positively Inclined — will probably help in a safe and easy manner if asked, even without reward, but will not take much risk.
  • Emnity: Mistrustful — vaguely ill-disposed towards the Traveller (or perhaps everyone in general) but will not go out of their way to impede them. Someone with an Enmity value of -1 is unlikely to take an action that will have serious consequences for the Traveller unless there is some great benefit.
  • Power: Powerless — the individual has virtually no resources they can bring to bear other than their own personal possessions.
  • Influence: Influential — has some influence over powerful people such as mid-level planetary government officials or rich portside merchant factors.
  • Special: The Traveller and this individual had a very bad falling out.

Advancement: Success. Promoted (Rank E3).

Advancement Skill: Investigate-1

Term 3: Scholar — 314-1097 to 145-1101

James continued to work with Doshuss, despite their frosty relationship, and he expanded his fields of expertise into genetics, of both flora and fauna.

However, as he neared the end of his fourth term, his and Doshuss' work was sabotaged — the experiments, research and evidence destroyed in a fire. Doshuss blamed James and raised complaints against SuSAG, who to ease the political tension blackballed James from research gigs across the entire Spinward Marches.

Training: Science (Life Sciences/Genetics)-1

Survival: Mishap. Your work is sabotaged by unknown parties. You may salvage what you can and give up (leave the career but retain this term’s Benefit roll) or start again from scratch (lose all Benefit rolls from this career but you do not have to leave). Leave with Benefits.

Ageing: No ageing effects.

Mustering Out — 146-1101

His research career in tatters, James was still given a substantial payout, and came away from SuSAG with Cr50,000 in savings. SuSAG paid for middle passage back to Kinorb as the rest of his compensation.


  • Cash: Cr30,000
  • Cash: Cr20,000
  • Benefit: EDU +1
  • Benefit: INT +1
  • Benefit: SOC +1

Term 4: Agent — 295-1101 to 294-1105

Struggling to find any companies that would take his services as a research, geneticist, medic, or even veterinarian, James took on a role for a legal firm on Kinorb, looking into medical data for their clients as an investigator.

The work was tiresome and James was not cut out to be a private investigator, failing to notice cameras that recorded him rifling through personal medical records at Riesling Down Starport[2]. Discreetly he was removed from the front-line at the firm and suggestions were made that he should find employment elsewhere.

Basic Training: Streetwise-0

Survival: Success.

Life Event: Your megacorp is put under the media microscope, making your job more difficult. Roll Deception or Stealth 8+ to avoid being seen doing something illicit on camera. Succeed and your boss commends you, gaining +1 Trust. Fail and you cannot advance in Rank this term. Failed the Deception roll and cannot advance.

Advancement: Cannot advance.

Ageing: No ageing effects.

Mustering Out — 295-1105

James was offered a ship's share to leave the agency.


  • Benefit: Ship Share

[1] Hudson Scout Base in named in The Secrets of the Ancients campaign.

  1. Hanrahan, Gareth — Secrets of the Ancients (Mongoose Publishing, 2021), p.213

[2]  Riesling Down Starport is named in a Traveller News Service bulletin of 054-1107.