Annie Wilson

34 years old, Female Human, 8A6669
Skills: Art (Creative)-0, Art (Performing)-0, Art (Performing/Instrument)-1, Art (Presentation)-0, Carouse-0, Deception-0, Drive-0, Gambling-1, Language-0, Mechanic-1, Persuade-0, Steward-2, Streetwise-0

Attributes: Strength 8 (+0), Dexterity 10 (+1), Endurance 6 (+0), Intellect 6 (+0), Education 6 (+0), Social Standing 9 (+1)

Homeworld — 132-1071 to 131-1089

Annie was born and raised on Kinorb in the Regina subsector of the Spinward Marches in one of the smaller settlements in the middle of the farming belt. Even from a young age she was seen as a rebel, often running away from home and hiding in the fields overnight, before coming home the next day. Most of her time when she was in her teens was spent at Riesling Downport, at the clubs, bars and cool places with even cooler friends.

With an aptitude for performance and music, Annie started playing guitar in a local band to earn some money where she could.

Homeworld Skills: Carouse-0, Language-0, Streetwise-0

Term 1: Entertainer — 132-1089 to 131-1093

Annie's musical talents were put to good use during her early adulthood, honing her skills to make at least a small name for herself on the entertainment merry-go-round. With it, however, came late nights, socialising and drinking.

Her late night exploits were nearly put up on the news feeds for everyone to see, as a photographer for a local HoloNet channel caught her over the edge of the legal boundaries. Annie paid "hush money" to silence the photographer and have him destroy the evidence.

Basic Training: Art (Performing)-0, Carouse-0, Deception-0, Drive-0, Persuade-0, Steward-0

Survival: Success.

Life Event: Your late night exploits, real or not, become legendary due to a stringer with an over-active camera. You may lose this term's benefit roll to purchase the video or let it spread and cost you 1 Social Standing. Lose Benefit.

Advancement: Failure.

Term 2: Entertainer — 132-1093 to 131-1097

Despite her close call with the press, Annie continued her entertainment career, improving her guitar playing, moving bands and circling in a higher profile. She became a minor star at Riesling Downport, as her and her band had a successful spot at an exclusive club that drew the attention of agents and producers.

A high profile and ready earnings sometimes draw the wrong "friends" and Annie found herself in a small clique, attending high profile parties and engagements, leading to more drinking and eventually to gambling. Many of these events were highly illegal and more than once Annie had a close escape, shinning down an outside drainpipe or leaving in a fast car to escape the authorities.

Training: Art (Performing/Instrument)-1, Art (Creative)-0, Art (Presentation)-0

Survival: Success.

Life Event: You attend a number of high profile parties and get involved with a group of peers who find their thrills in betting on illegal competitions. You gain Gambling-1 as a result of your association with these new friends.

Advancement: Failure.

Mustering Out — 131-1097

After one particularly unsuccessful evening of gambling and with a sore head, Annie decided that she needed to get out of the vicious circle. She was in her mid-twenties, with no solid career and no savings or assets to her name.


  • Cash: None!

Term 3: Merchant — 266-1097 to 265-1101

Annie cleaned herself up and spent some time looking for a new job — one where she could use some of her social skills if needed. Getting away from the Downport, and perhaps even Kinorb, was what she required. She applied for a role as a junior steward on a tramp trader, the Halamandaris, learning the ropes on the job from Baen Quintan, a seasoned veteran at the trade.

Her first term was spent running trailing and then back spinward, often as far as Deneb (Deneb/Usani/1925) on the trade routes and she saw many planets and many strange things. Towards the end of her voyage, though, she discovered a plot between Baen Quintan and another of the officers to take control of the ship. A mutiny. After much internal debate she decided to inform the captain and Quintan was arrested at Aramis (Spinward Marches/Aramis/3110). Annie gained a promotion and recommendation, though also gained an enemy.

Skills Training: Steward-1

Survival: Passed

Life Event: You hear something you were not supposed to after hours on deck. If you keep quiet, gain +1 DM to your next Advancement roll. If you report him, gain an Enemy and a +2 DM to your next Advancement roll.

Enemy: Baen Quintan

  • Affinity: None — no affinity towards the Traveller. This may be an enemy or just someone who does not care at all what happens to the Traveller, depending on Enmity.
  • Emnity: Hatred — will do almost anything to get one over on the Traveller. Might actively plot against the Traveller for the sake of revenge or causing further harm even if there is little or no gain involved.
  • Power: Useful — has a significant asset such as a small starship and crew, or a small force of skilled mercenaries, high-end lawyers, or the like.
  • Influence: Influential — has some influence over powerful people such as mid-level planetary government officials or rich portside merchant factors.

Advancement: Success. Promoted to Senior Crewman (Rank E1)

Advancement Skill: Mechanic-1

Term 4: Merchant — 328-1101 to 327-1105

Annie had enjoyed serving aboard a tramp trader and continued in her role as a steward, though transferring to a larger ship, the Naughty Ambition, a Type-R Subsidised Merchant running the Louzy (Spinward Marches/Jewell/1604) to Strouden (Spinward Marches/Lunion/2327) main.

She enjoyed the work and it felt like a life away from her embarrassing early days of partying, gambling and worse. The Naughty Ambition had exactly that, though, a naughty ambition, and Annie found herself embroiled with a criminal gang — The Brass Wolves — intent on shipping black market goods.

She kept her nose clean and out of trouble as much as she could, never daring to cross the criminals and although she was promoted, and had the grace of the The Brass Wolves, she decided to leave the merchant company.

Training: Steward-2

Survival: Success

Life Event: Your ship gets work with a known criminal. Gain any one of Carouse, Deception, Melee or Streetwise. Then, roll 1d6. On a 1, the criminal's enemies get a hold of you; roll on the Injury table. On a 2–4, gain the criminal ring as an Ally. On a 5–6, the criminal pays you well for your services and you gain one extra Benefit roll for Cash only.

Ally: The Brass Wolves

  • Affinity: Positively Inclined — will probably help in a safe and easy manner if asked, even without reward, but will not take much risk.
  • Emnity: None — no enmity towards the Traveller. This may be because they do not know who the Traveller is, or because the Traveller has done nothing to offend them.
  • Power: Useful — has a significant asset such as a small starship and crew, or a small force of skilled mercenaries, high-end lawyers, or the like.
  • Influence: Influential — has some influence over powerful people such as mid-level planetary government officials or rich portside merchant factors.
  • Special: This individual is a questionable figure such as a criminal, pirate or disgraced noble. The Traveller will be judged by association.
  • Special: This individual belongs to an uncommon alien species.

Advancement: Success. Promoted to 4th Officer (Rank E2)

Advancement Skill: Vacc Suit-1

Ageing: No ageing effects.

Mustering Out — 327-1105

Trying to put space behind her and The Brass Wolves, Annie headed back to Kinorb and where it all started, looking for new work, though on a smaller scale.


  • Cash: Cr30,000
  • Cash: Cr20,000
  • Benefit: Ship Share